The President of the Murcia Community, López Miras, said last week that he was delighted with the Supreme Court ruling, upholding the decision of his government to withdraw the Corvera Airport Management Contract from the previous concessionary Aeromur consortium.

In a statement to the press, at the beginning of the week, he said “Justice supports once again the decisions of the regional government stating them to have been absolutely correct.”

The Murcia government relinquished the Aeromur management contract five years ago when it effectively placed the airport back in the hands of the regional government. The former management company immediately took Murcia to court but in 2015 the justice system insisted that the dismissal had been justified.

Aeromur lodged an appeal against the court decision but the original decision has also been upheld, coming down in favour of the Regional Government.

In the meantime the management of the airport was again put out to tender with the contract eventually awarded to Aena at the beginning of the year. The airport is now scheduled to open in January 2019.

In welcoming the news of the Supreme Court decision López Miras said the ruling  “has validated the decision taken by the Governing Council almost five years ago to withdraw the concession to Aeromur, led by the construction company, for breaching the contract and putting the facilities into operation. This decision will now make us stronger and more competitive. At last the doors of the International Airport are now going to open and, with it, the Region of Murcia is going to take off into a very exciting future,” he concluded.