The homeowners association, Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora NO (AUAN), has requested a meeting, via an open letter, with the leaders of each of the political groups in the Parliament of Andalusia seeking their support for urgent measures to resolve the issue of illegal houses once and for all.

According to the associations president, Maura Hillen, ” This time around, thanks to the support of the Partido Popular(PP) we have managed to get an amendment to the Planning Laws (LOUA) before the parliament of Andalusia which, if passed, will allow homeowners awaiting legalisation via a town plan to obtain an AFO, a document which would allow them to register their house, segregate their land, access services and sell it ( if they wish) whilst the town hall gets on with the process of legalising the property via a fully approved town plan.

Currently, homeowners awaiting total legalisation via a town plan are trapped in a legal limbo until a lengthy planning process,  which can take more than a decade, is approved and executed. ”

AUAN asks for a meeting with the leaders of all political groups in the Parliament of Andalusia

“It is a matter of human rights as well as common sense” she concluded. “We see people trapped in a home that they cannot sell due to lack of paperwork, sometimes unable to legally access services and seeing their home embargoed as collateral to pay their promoters debts because the property is still registered in the promoters name and cannot be transferred currently until the legalisation process is complete”.