After two no shows 42 players turned up at Campoamor for the ungodly first tee time of 8:36 luckily for most it not much of a journey!

The forecast looked good and again there seemed to be little wind making the conditions perfect for scoring, well for one person in particular namely Captain John Eyre who by his own admission likes the course, well he would say that wouldn´t he, having scored 40 points which just happened to be the best score of the day.

The course was in good condition even allowing for some very heavy traffic in recent weeks. However the greens proved to be difficult to find and once found even more difficult to read hence there were only 2 N.T.P. ´s won on the par 3´s and no one managed to make a 2, so the €37 will be rolled over to our next game at La Marquesa, which also happens to be Captain´s day.

All playing members on that day will be invited to a complimentary meal in the clubhouse afterwards during which the annual competition prizes will be presented to the winners.

Results: N.T.P. Hole 10 and 17 Stan Ross.. Best guest, J. Nicolls 28 pts. Bronze cat: 3rd R. Hagfoss 31, 2nd O. Haubner 33, 1st P. O´Dowd 33 on Lower Handicap. Silver cat: 3rd R. Nilsen 33, 2nd O. Rong 33 on Lower Handicap, 1st J. Hillier 34. Gold Cat: 3rd J. Imrie 34, 2nd S. Ross 37, 1st J. Eyre 40. 

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