El Rancho Bowls Club.

On Monday morning the Pintos played host to San Luis Trekkers, the wind was not as strong as on Friday, but due to it varying rapidly in strength, it seemed trickier. But it was a splendid day, as was the company.

On the day the Trekkers proved to be too strong for the Pintos and took 4 rinks to Pintos’ 2, as well as the overall shots by a small margin. Barbara Jones, Geoff Jones and Jim Taylor 9-18. Irene Thomson, Liam Foley and Eddie Thomson 22-14. Judy Foley, Henry Ryder and Richard Lee 27-3. Graham Day, Sheila Cooper and Carolyn Harris 15-25. Jane Hamill, Malc Sykes and Stew Hamill 10-25. Diane Yates, Keith Cunningham and David Whitworth 14-20.

Also the Raiders were at Country Bowls playing the Flamingos and put in a great effort to share the rinks 3 each and lost the overall shots by just a small margin, a good result! Marion Haynes, Ann C Taylor and Bob Taylor 17-15. Dolly Ford, David Baker and Tony Robinson 16-12. Tricia Elsam, John Richards and Mick Ager 8-20. Janet Wright, David Wright and Dave Haynes 9-28. Lesley Day, Denise Morgan and Bob Morgan 28-6. Bob Day, Sheila Cox and Shirley Edwards 12-20.

Friday’s matches were both postponed, so this next week should be rather busy. For membership details contact Brian Taylor on 965077093 or at briantaylor_es@yahoo.co.uk or Carolyn Harris on 966774316 or at elranchobowls.secretary@gmail.com.