“The Deadwood Stage Company  joined in wishing one of their members, Theresa, a very happy birthday for her special day.  A scrumptious chocolate cake was made by Rose with the pretext of the top decorations being good for ones diet!!! 

She and Jude are seen alongside a Christmas tree and the other 19 members present raised their glasses to toast Theresa, as well as wishing all your readers a very merry Christmas.

The next venture for “The Deadwood Stage Company” will be entitled “Cinder-Hella”.  This comedy with a Panto theme, will be presented at “The Madhouse”, Pueblo Principe, Villa Costa on 9th, 10 and 11th February 2018.

Tickets @ 6€ each are obtainable from members or you can ring Vida for more information.  Meanwhile, “Deadwood” carry on rehearsing and hope you all enjoy the festive season and can look forward to a happy, healthy New Year.