39 members and guests made the now seemingly short journey along the AP7/A31 for our monthly visit to this well liked course. With our first tee time approaching 11am a rise in temperature seemed to match the expectations of the members.

The calm still conditions and the course in good condition with fast greens good scores were anticipated. Two members would not be disappointed but for most of us the greens seemed to have won. What is a pleasure is that our round now only takes a little over 4 hours, Alenda have changed the tee times from every 8 mins to 10 and my word it really does make a difference.

Results for today’s competition: N.T.P.’s hole 3 A. Alm , hole 5 L. Roevik, hole 13 K. Houpalahti, hole 16 NADA. After last weeks’ 2’s pot was shared between six members, this week’s €36 was shared between Joe Dean and Sverre Sonesen.

Our best guest this week was Willem Van Der Kooi with 32 pts. Bronze cat: 3rd J. Hillier 32 pts. 2nd L. Holmberg 37 pts. 1st A. Goslan 41 pts. Silver cat. 3rd M. Kennedy 32 pts. 2nd G. Smith 34 pts. 1st A. Alm 35 pts. Gold cat. 3rd J. Eyre 29 pts L/H 2nd N. Spaniol 32 pts. 1st G. Cromm 33 pts.

Photo: Bronze category winners.

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