On Monday morning the Pintos played host to Greenlands Maples, on a mainly overcast morn, not too many of those around. The Pintos took full advantage of the home mat, with the Maples struggling to adjust at first, as we know all mats probably cause a little consternation for visitors, where ever it is. The Pintos finished the match by taking 5 rinks and a very reasonable shot advantage, a good all round result.

In the afternoon the Raiders entertained Quesada Rubies, who proved be worthy opponents. The Raiders did however take just the one rinks, but are scoring shots and showing promise.

On Friday morning the Broncos entertained La Siesta Golds and put in a splendid morning’s bowling and also had great fun, taking 4 rinks and drawing another, also taking the overall shots. Edward Elsam, Peter Bagwell and Jean Bagwell 21-13. Tony Robinson, Tricia Elsam and Keith Longshaw 22-11. Sheila Cox, Pam Harris and Gary Newson 10-29. Ann C Taylor, Denise Morgan and Malc Elmore 17-17. David Baker, Ron Edwards and Rob Clark 28-15. Marion Haynes, John Richards and Dave Haynes.

In the afternoon found the Mustangs at San Luis playing the Lions, it was a grand occasion with great weather, even better company and a very close contest. Both teams took 3 rinks and the Lions claimed the overall shots by just one shot, a great result for the Mustangs away from home. Judy Foley, Keith Cunningham and David Whitworth 17-19. June Whitworth, Henry Ryder and Richard Lee 9-24. Ann Taylor, Shirley Edwards and Jim Taylor 18-12. Irene Thomson, Jim Gracie and Eddie Thomson 19-11. Diane Yates, John Skipper and Bob Taylor 13-19. Jan Bright, Malc Sykes and Bob Morgan 24-16.

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