My computer broke, my phone wouldn’t work, mobiles were out of action, had no internet and lost up at Javea in the first Winter League game. 

It got better on Friday when the Ospreys took on El Rancho and did very well winning 10-4.  Peter Parsons led Jim Reeves and Andy Bartlett to a 31- 8 victory while Alex Whyte, Carol Smith and Steve Douglas won 25-19.  Dave Hadaway skipped Cliff Rawlinson and Kathy Manning to a 33-6 win and last but not least Mike Stone, Jim Manning and Janet Parsons had a good 23-7 win as well. On Saturday we had a Fun Morning that John Rae efficiently staged and the winning trip was Shirley Hadaway, Bill Jones and George Furzer. 

Come Monday and the Explorers in the Enterprise Division went to play the La Siesta Apollos. They weren’t as bad as the Winter League last week as they got two points with winning trip being Margaret and Rob Finlayson and Ron Maiden. 

In the Discovery Division the Pathfinders couldn’t find the route they needed and lost to San Luis Trekkers 11-3.  Our most successful trip was led by John Withers who had a really good game plus Jack Chorlton and Reg Jackson winning 24-14.  Whilst Alan Castle, Arthur Cronk and Paul Tregoing managed a creditable draw.   

As the week has gone by we have got more points, a two, a three and now in the Winter League a four which means we lost at home to Quesada 10 – 4.  Thankfully the Ladies turned it on for us and skipped our two winning rinks.  So well done Shirley Hadaway, Garth Slater, Mike Surch and Gina Hindle  and Margaret Finlayson had an even closer result when she skipped Jim Freeman, Angie Butler and Dave O’Sullivan to a 17-16 win.  

So we come to Friday it wasn’t the 13th this week but felt like it with the Merlins travelling down play Horadada Royals only to lose 10 – 4 and the Ospreys playing Quesada and only just losing 8 – 6. The winning rinks for the Merlins were John Withers, Steve Hindle and Dave Taylor whilst the President skipped , George Furzer and Lorita Rae.

For the Ospreys we had Peter Parsons, all the way from Barcelona, with Jim Reeves and Andy Bartlett.  Shirley Hadaway, again, skipping Jean Fowkes and Kathy Manning and Tom Spencer leading Margaret McLaughlin and Janet Parsons to a nice 22 – 10 win.