So you’re looking for something just a little unusual for that special person?  Does that mean a trip to Valencia or Alicante, and spending a lot in some fancy gallery?  How about a walk along the promenade by Jávea port, and having a look at what is on display on the craft stalls that set up again every Sunday morning from the 24th of September? 

Fresh air, nice views, a healthy walk, perhaps a little light refreshment in one of the many seaside cafés, and you come back with something really special.

The stalls that build up every Sunday morning really are special.  Amata, the regional craft association, has chosen them carefully – nothing imported, nothing made in small factories, everything carefully and lovingly made by people who have chosen this way of life.  It shows;  these are not the “designer T-shirts” or “exclusive designs” you will see in the galleries. 

These are items that have been made because people prefer to make something special rather than just sit in an office or a factory.

Every Sunday morning, starting at 11 and finishing at 2 or even later, there will be people with leather bags and belts, wooden toys, water colours, ceramics, some very original jewelry made of recycled beer tins or even dried orange peel!  

You won’t know exactly what is there on the Sunday morning you pass by, since every week there is something different, but there are always the odd dozen stalls (if the weather is ok, because they can’t risk that wind or rain damages their work) with interesting and unusual designs. 

For more information, ring Elvira on 639 979 678 (she speaks English).  Or have a look at photographs on the Amata web site (it’s in Spanish and English) on