Casino is one of the most interesting destinations that one would want to visit. The amazing vibes, the enthralling casino games, the entire ambience of gambling, the uber cool crowd and all such similar things make this destination a happy place to be in. Casino has also been a huge source of some of the most interesting myths, legends as well as stories that are very intriguing to your ears.

Gambling isn’t a rocket science, however, casino surely makes it feel a little easier by the vibes that it gives to all its customers. Thus, different countries entertain different casino cases, stories, facts and myths that are as interesting and intriguing to know.

Following are the ten weird and amusing facts that you must know about your favorite indulgence – casino!

  1. The very first fruit machine wasn’t there in a casino:

The first ever fruit machine was invented by Charles Fey in the year 1895. However, it wasn’t even there in a casino to be played. The fruit machine game was far from Vegas and therefore it couldn’t be introduced in a casino. Interestingly, this fruit machine was actually at his auto shop in the city of San Francisco and it was allowed for the customers to enjoy their hearts out there. Soon, the idea became very popular and casinos started buying these machines to give gamblers something more interesting where their tables were fully engaged.

  1. The citizens of Monaco cannot gamble at this casino:

The famous Monte Carlo gamble located in Monaco doesn’t allow its citizens to gamble, even though it is considered to be a paradise of all the gamblers. As ironical as it sounds, this casino is open for all the gamblers to gamble their heart out, only if they don’t belong to Monaco. Yes, this strict rule has been introduced by the then princess, Princess Caroline. However, here lies a hidden good news that the citizens aren’t required to pay income taxes. What a relief!

  1. Invention of sandwich in a casino:

Ever wondered where your favorite snack sandwich was invented? Stop racking your brains for we are sure you won’t be able to coin out the answer. The invention of sandwich was made in the year 1765 when John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich was so involved in his bet that he told his servants to bring him some meat in between the sliced bread so that he could satisfy his hunger and begin playing again.

  1. You can ban yourself from casino voluntarily:

If you are a person who is highly addicted to gambling and suddenly a news of gambling being injurious to your life comes to your realization, there is a good news for you – you can ban yourself from entering several casinos. Yes, various states allow this by making it a crime for you to step foot on to the gaming floor. For e.g., there is a ‘Voluntary Exclusion’ program for all the gamblers in Ohio to help them kicking off their habit of gambling.

  1. The first casino license was issued to a woman in Vegas:

Although facts and studies claim that casino is enjoyed more by the men than the women, you must know who got the very first license to play casino in Las Vegas. It was not a man, but a woman. The first license to play a casino game in Vegas was issued to a woman named Mayme Stocker in the year 1920. This happened in the Northern Club where the lady enjoyed her heart out playing a casino and making different bets. She also opened a casino under her own name to offer only five legal games in the area namely, draw poker, stud poker, lowball poker, bridge and 500.

  1. Penny slot machines end up making more money for casinos than anything else:

Penny slots in a casino is considered to be the most profitable game for the casino industry because the same lets them make huge money. The rising popularity of these machines also permit the gamblers to wager only a penny to play their game. Some casinos entertain more penny slot machines than any other denomination. Thus, they target nothing but profits.

  1. Wonder where the smallest casino of the world is?

Norwegian website did a research on this one. You must have seen some of the most beautifully designed and the biggest casinos all over the world. But have you ever wondered what the smallest casino of the world would look like? Interestingly, this alleged casino doesn’t have any particular address for it is a mobile casino located in the back of a cab. Don’t think this casino is any lesser to the regular ones for it has a gaming table, dealer, bar as well as TV.

  1. No, it’s not Las Vegas:

A majority of a people are living under a misconception that Las Vegas is the ultimate gambling capital of the world. And, why not? It ought to be, after all it has casinos everywhere. However, Vegas doesn’t happen to be the gambling capital of the world. The city of Macau is the only Chinese territory that is the gambling capital of the world and the only city of China where gambling has been made legal.

  1. Nevada State Prison has a casino for inmates:

All the prisoners of the Nevada State Prison, it’s the time to feel lucky as Nevada State Prison has a casino for the inmates as well. Gambling has become one of the hugest industries of Nevada for more than 35 years today. Thus, the prisoners too are allowed to enjoy the game of casino here. They are permitted to play the casino games like craps, poker, blackjack, etc. Not only this, they are also allowed to bet on the sports inside a stone building.

  1. American Roulette or European Roulette: which one is harder?

If asked which roulette is harder to play – American or European, the answer is the former. This is because the gamblers who choose to play American roulette are entitled with less chances of winning their bets. However, the latter is pretty easier if compared to the American Roulette. Choose your game wise!