Casino has always been the center of interest for a number of men and women who love taking their gaming experience to a wholesome level of fun and adventure. The fact that you can enjoy the vibe and can earn money and cash-prizes is thrilling itself. Moreover, the trend of casinos has always been very intriguing to any common man who always gets attracted towards these casino parlors for either women and whiskey or loads of cash prizes.

Be it the famous casino games like roulette, blackjack and poker or be it the interesting facts and figures about these games – the charm of casino has always been everlasting on the human brains. To continue the legacy, here are the five most amazing as well as inspiring stories about casino that you must know – being a casino lover!

  1. The gamble of $5,000 that saved FedEx:

The first story related to casino is highly inspiring. FedEx, which has eventually turned out to be one of the most successful companies of the world did meet a chance to go in a loss, but thankfully a gamble saved it from adding insult to injury. The founder of the company once saved this company when he decided to take the last $5,000 and eventually turned it into a whopping $32,000 merely by a single gamble at Vegas.

The incident took place in the year 1971 when Frederick W. Smith took his own fortune of around $4 million and later raised an additional sum of $90 million only to find a delivery company structured such that it could deliver its concerned packages overnight to the remotest corner of the world. Sounds unbelievable as it is, this is something that had never been done before. It was when company went on the brink of bankruptcy, Mr. Smith decided to play a gamble to save his only business. He then took his $5,000 dollar straightaway to Vegas and played a game of Black Jack.

To the shocks of Smith himself and other higher-ups in the company, the entire fund reached up to a whopping $32,000 in its bank account. This amount was sure enough to meet all the debts and to further remove the tag of ‘bankruptcy’ off the company. Thereafter, fortune kept spelling its magic on to the company and Smith successfully managed to raise a sum of another $11 million into it. Today. FedEx is not just a company but an entire institution. A single game of casino saved a company from debts.

  1. Grandma who earned 154-roll lucky streak:

This was sure the coolest grandma any person could ever have for no other grandma during then was interesting in playing casino and having fun out of her life. Patricia Demauro, a grandmother from New Jersey beat all the odds at the Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. Her 154-roll lucky streak lasted for a long period of four hours and eight minutes that successfully broke almost all the records for the longest craps rolls as well as the most successive dice rolls. The cherry on the cake was that it wasn’t ‘sevened out’ at all.

Although, the granny declined to reveal the amount of money that she won in her streak, a number of gambling expert consider it to be one high winning for sure. This lucky lady then spent the rest of her holiday weekend in the hotel itself, sipping her favorite drink and feeling on the top of the world, of course.

  1. The babysitter who ended up winning $2.4 million on her first trip to Vegas:

Life of any babysitter would be a boring deal, however, this one babysitter made sure that she enjoys it to her luckiest best. Imagine yourself winning a huge cash prize on your very first trip to Vegas? – Yes, this is how some people define heaven!

Jessica Agbunag, a babysitter explored this heavenly trip to Vegas in the year 2008 where she ended up winning a cash prize of $2.4 million on her very first casino trip. Unbelievable as it sounds, you must soak this fact it now. This girl went to Vegas her boyfriend in the year 2008. Twice, she met a win of smaller amounts of cash prizes earlier the same week. However, that one day made her conquer everything else in the world. She inserted $16 into a slot machine game of Mega-Jackpot from the very famous California Hotel and Casino and the same hit a big prize of astronomical $2.4 million.

  1. The man who gambled the entire sum on a single spin of roulette and won:

Gambling your entire sum of money on a single spin of roulette is the most risky and the scariest thing that you would want to do to yourself. However, this brave man didn’t shy away from doing the same and as they say ‘brave hearts always meet a victory’.

In the year 2004, a British professional gambler namely Ashley Revell sold everything he possessed and gambled a sum of $135,300 on a single spin of roulette in the famous Plaza Hotel and Casino in Vegas, Nevada.

Guess what? The resulting bet doubled his money to a sum of $270,600. Although everyone was expecting another level of bets from this man, but he decided to leave the casino and used all his winnings into a constructive business. He soon ended up setting his own online poker company by the name of ‘Poker UTD’. Wise enough!

  1. A man who played 115 straight hours of Poker for the charity:

Norwegian gaming website brings us to the most inspiring incident that has ever happened to a casino. The victory earned here was an amazing display of charity and endurance. By this reason, Phil Laak also ended up adding himself into the Guinness World Record attempt for constant Poker play where he played for the longest 115 hours.

This man played for both, the record as well as for the charitable organization called Camp Sunshine. The amazing poker marathon that Laak pulled knew no stimulants of any types. Without consuming any kind of caffeine or coffee, he stuck to playing for the longest of time and ended up winning a huge sum.

Who had thought that casino will also entertain these interesting as well as inspiring stories?