Casino parlors have always been a place of all kinds of good vibes where people meet, greet and have the time of their lives by involving themselves in a number of amazing casino games and winning some of the most attractive and alluring cash-prizes.

The entire setup and ambience of casino itself are about the happy and jolly times that anyone and everyone would want to experience once during their lives. But what happens when these casino parlors end up becoming the favorite place of serious robbers who rob these places and take away all the money off it.

Casino robbery or casino heist hasn’t been so popular all this while, however, the Ocean’s Trilogy presented and inculcated the idea of some of the most serious and massive casino robberies in the minds of the robbers who then decided to act their way and to earn a lot of money, but illegally. Since then, a number of casino heists have taken place and the robbers have robbed a huge sum of money from different casinos of the world.

Following five cases have been recorded as the five biggest casino robberies that have taken place in the history of casino so far.

  1. The famous case where the dealer went rogue:

This incident was taken place in the famous casino, the Stardust and the same is considered to be one of the biggest casino robberies of all the time. The Stardust casino game isn’t around anymore. However, not many people know that this casino has experienced a case of a serious robbery once upon a time.

This case is a well-known story of a sportsbook cashier who went on becoming a bit greedy on his part and hence decided to rob the entire casino for the want of money. The incident of Bill Brennan is recorded as one serious case where he walked out of the casino on fine September afternoon after serving his shift.

However, he didn’t come alone but was accompanied by a bag that contained more than $500,000 in chips and cash in it. Post that incident, this individual was never seen or heard after that. He is still on the most wanted list of the FBI. Some people believe that this man is dead now. However, the truth hasn’t been disclosed. This story was closely introduced by

  1. When love met robbery:

This happens to be the one and only incident that records both love, as well as a robbery in one frame and the same is considered to be one of the biggest cases of robbery of all the time. Usually, many couple therapists would recommend the couples to take up any hobby together in order to keep the spark alive into their long-term relationship.

Where most of the couples would decide going on a vacation or a dance class, this couple made a different by involving themselves into a full-fledged robbery.

Thus, 21-year old Heather Tallchief and 43-year old Roberto Solis together decided to take up the robbery of casino in the Circus Circus casino. This incident took place in the year 1993 when the couple easily made an escape in an armored truck after robbing an astronomical amount of $2.5 million. The couple left the town. Soon, it was found that Solis skipped the town, leaving the spouse and her young son alone with $1000. She later got arrested in the year 2005.

  1. A wheely sneaky robbery:

This one is considered to be one of the most serious robberies of all the time where the masterminds of the robbery used all the hi-tech ways and means to rob some high-end casinos and to further take away all the money that it had. The incident didn’t take place at any single casino but the same was extended to multiple casinos throughout the casinos of California and therefore this case is considered to be one of the most popular cases of robbery at a casino.

Two physics students from the University of California, Santa Cruz planned to develop a small computer which could fit into a shoe of any size and interfered with the roulette wheels. The device that they developed would interfere with the wheel only to read all its movements so that one player could wear the shoe while the other would get all the information that has been relayed on the show and to bet on to it likewise.

The computer would then short circuit and would cause s burnt shock and then both of them would be able to rob off the money. Sadly, both of these masterminds were caught and eventually charged.

  1. It happened at the Casino Royale:

This robbery at casino surely took a huge inspiration from the Bond Franchise. The incident is recorded as one of the famous incidents of casino robbery in London. Three Londoners decided to arm themselves with the state-of-the-art spy equipment in order to hit not one, but six different casinos all across the capital of Britain.

This incident took place in the year 2000 where one of the bandits made the use of a miniature camera hidden in his sleeves in order to film the cards once they were dealt. This camera fed images directly to an accomplice in a van outside.

The footage was then reviewed in slow motions and instructions of wagering were also fed to the man present inside through a small ear piece. Soon, these three Londoners were arrested and their hopes met a dead end.

  1. The ultimate MIT blackjack:

This one is undoubtedly the biggest ever robbery in the history of casino that couldn’t be forgotten even by a common man. As the swedish gaming website claims,  the people involved into this robbery became so popular with their antics that they were also recorded in a book as well as a movie.

The entire sight of repeated robberies was encountered from the year 1979 to 1993. A team of a few notorious students and the math geniuses took the entire world by storm and ran the most prolific card-counting incident in the history and that too under the auspices of Bill Kaplan, a Harvard MBA graduate. This MIT crew successfully nabbed a huge sum of multi-millions throughout the casinos of the world. This robbery can never be forgotten.

Shocked much?


  1. Thanks for your mention of our MIT Blackjack Team and our successful track record of winning consistently at the game of blackjack over a span of two decades. Contrary to your description, however, our team’s winnings couldn’t possibly be termed a “robbery” as everything we did to win at the game was 100% legal.

    Despite how many billions of dollars casinos have taken from their players over the years, the game of blackjack is one that can be beaten, provided you develop sophisticated systems for tracking the cards played, vary your playing strategy in accordance with the composition of the cards remaining to be dealt, utilize the correct betting and money management systems so as to manage your risks and the inherent variability in the game, and manage your team/players to perform at the highest possible levels with minimal error rates.

    Over the years, many players and teams have tried to win at the game of blackjack and failed because, as with many challenging problems, solving these is often easier said than done. Notwithstanding, our MIT Blackjack Team approached the game similar to how NASA approaches space flights, analyzing volumes of data and every possible contingency so as to ensure everything runs as planned with a risk of loss/ruin being as close to zero as humanly possible.

    We’re all familiar with the adage “Any press is good press” but describing the success of our MIT Blackjack Team as one of the greatest casino robberies of all time is simply a misnomer.