Thirty humanists assembled for lunch at the Boca Pizza  restaurant in Puerto. After an excellent meal the entertainment began with the modelling of entries for the hat competition. The brief was to  decorate a hat, in any style of choice, to reflect the meaning of the Equinox, and we were rewarded with a wide variety of imaginative designs.

Spring flowers, both real and artificial, suns and moons, day/night , 23.5 degrees, and rabbits ears with carrots, were all in evidence, and showed off the skill and enthusiasm of our members.

Spring Equinox

The worthy winner, was a hat decorated with a clever combination of a spring, a horse and an ox, made by Deryck. His prize of a chocolate egg was immediately recycled into being the prize for his word puzzle quiz, which he said was straightforward but most people found quite hard.

Altogether an enjoyable afternoon with the Equinox thoroughly celebrated.

Darwinian Gardeners

A large group of Darwinian Gardeners joined the coach for a trip to the Floración in Cieza.  We were met in Cieza by Pepe who was our excellent guide for the morning.  We drove through miles of orchards of stone fruit, peaches, apricots and plums.  We learnt the different methods of protection; in some fields there were little heaters on the ground, in other fields the heaters were suspended up above the trees, and tarpaulins are pulled over to keep the heat in, and then there were systems of atomisers to coat the blossoms in water, which when frozen protects them from temperatures of below zero.

Next month we will be visiting COATO to learn about the production of paprika, almond and olive products.  If you would like to join the Gardening Club, please email

Discussion group

The discussion was kicked off by John and Rhian on the subject of ‘Toleration’. It was not long into our discussion that we realised that this had to be a conversation on tolerance and intolerance, as most of us are striving to be tolerant of certain things in the world, but were also intolerant of certain bad behaviour and injustices. Many other ideas were discussed and the conversation was interesting and at times very humorous.

Anyone is free to join us and we would welcome all of your ideas, if you are interested contact us via this website: