Lady Gaga made a grand entrance during Super Bowl’s half time, for her performance, this Sunday. Her admirable entry will surely be remembered as she tried something really different. The Fame-monster started the half-time singing “God Bless America” by Irvin Berlin and moved to “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie.

Another legend who rocked the Super Bowl’s halftime was Michael in 1993. The King of Pop jumped out of the stage, and stayed still. He then proceeded with his hit song “Billie Jean”. It was pure entertainment to his fans, while he sung and did the moonwalk. Some other songs performed by him were “Black or White” and “We are the World”. At the best online slots site, Spin and Win Casino, you can still hear the songs and see symbols related to this legendary singer on Michael Jackson- King of Pop Slot. Find MJ’s glittery gloves, his hat and his eyes on the reels of the game. For some more fun, a special feature called Moonwalk Wild has been added to this game.

As for Lady Gaga, her grey ensemble was eye-catching. She plunged from the roof, which is of 79 metres. The NRG Stadium’s retractable roof was specially opened up, so that the singer could make her Spiderman-like entry. She closed her introductive song with some words, before starting some of her hit songs. Her loyal fans were doubtlessly not disappointed with her medley which included “Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, “Telephone” and “Bad Romance”. While she rocked the stage, performers held lanterns which made the scene even better. She also included her 2011 hit “Born this way”, to give away her views about sexuality. Lady Gaga’s performance included many singers and dancers, and 300 intel drones that brighten up the scene like stars.

This performance remains amazing as Lady Gaga is the first artist since 2007, to lead the whole halftime show alone. The first artist was Prince, and the last one was The Who in 2010. The gorgeous Beyoncé once opened the show, but she was joined by the rest of Destiny’s Child once the lights were off. The show was indeed pre-rehearsed by the Mother Monster. But she also surprisingly hugged a fan! The show was opened and closed with an ocean of drones flying in the Texas sky. As for Gaga, she closed the show by dropping her mic to catch a football. She then jumped off the stage to make her grand exit.

However, sources have stated that the singer’s jump was only a perfect illusion. Rumors have it that the star was not present on the scene at the time of the jump. The illusion was actually pre- recorded, and the artist only leaped into the stadium. The clip showed her jumping, and once over, the spotlight focused on Gaga hanging half way in the air. They only brought her down. Yet, she nailed the show with her flawless voice and amazing songs.