On the 2nd of February, Lucas Mayo, Mojácar Councillor from the Union Mojaquera 10 party, presented Rosmari Cano, Mayor of Mojácar, a letter in which he declared his voluntary resignation from the political group to which he belonged and his intention to carry on his municipal works as an independent councillor.

Lucas, who is of British origin, has been living in Spain since 1974 and has worked in Mojácar throughout his professional and working life, as well as other areas such as the Costa del Sol.

After the last elections and the resignation of the 2 candidates who led the UM 10 list, he was sworn in as a Councillor and became the group’s municipal spokesman. His resignation from UM 10 has been accepted by his former colleagues, paving the way for his new role as independent member of the Consistory. He has expressed his intention to continue working actively for the people and continue to participate in the political life of the town.