The 5th Torrevieja Open arranged at Ozone Bowling ended in an impressive final round, where the top eight semi-finalists bowled a one game round robin. The initial score of the final day was 50% of the pins carried over from qualification. In the round robin, each match victory also gave an extra 30 bonus points.

Finnish bowling legend Sami Konsteri held his position until the end and cashed the 3,000-euro top prize. The Finnish contribution was spectacular in every way, as Konsteri was accompanied in the final by three young countrymen of his: Santtu Tahvanainen, Tomas Käyhkö and Lauri Sipilä, the first two of them using the increasingly popular two-handed style.

The other finalists were the Norwegians Øyvin Kulseng and Svein Åke Ek, Lucian Paraschiv of Romania, and Ozone’s popular host, Lorenzo Quereda. The results of the finals (in brackets, the scratch average and bonus points):

  1. Sami Konsteri 4,270 (226.14 / 120)
  2. Svein Åke Ek 4,115 (224.14 / 150)
  3. Santtu Tahvanainen 4,067 (218.43 / 120)
  4. Øyvin Kulseng 4,031 (221.43 / 120)
  5. Tomas Käyhkö 3,970 (209.00 / 120)
  6. Lorenzo Quereda 3,848 (204.86 / 90)
  7. Lauri Sipilä 3,844 (198.43 / 60)
  8. Lucian Paraschiv 3,750 (193.29 / 60)

The top trophy of Category B was lifted by EBT’s Martti Timonen with the straight result of 1,261. Runner-up was Sami Konsteri’s 13-year-old daughter Peppi (1,221), and EBT’s Manuel Priego took third place (1,181). Also in Category C, victory came “home” through EBT’s David March (1,108). Manuel Rodríguez of Madrid was Runner-up (1,073) and EBT’s Helge Brochmann came third (1,066).

Ozone Bowling was packed with spectators and the atmosphere was dense. A new feature this year was a live-streaming service, which allowed the event to be watched live on Youtube. The arrangements received lots of praise from the participants, so the success story is expected to continue in next year’s competition.