We had our November open and presentation of monthly prizes at La Serena last Saturday, our last open for 2016.  We had an excellent turnout with almost 60 players and guests competing on the day.

The events do not happen by themselves and I would like to thank Paul, Jose and Jean for their help in the golf shop. The day began bright and early as always for Camillus and his team, Alisdair and Philip, at 8am a very special thank you to the team for all your fine efforts throughout the year.

The monthly prizes were awarded to the following players, week one crystal winner, John O’ Brien 40 pts.  Second Alan Proudfoot 40 pts.  Third Eileen Thomson 40.  Week two, winner Frank Considine 40pts.  Second Dave Gibson 40pts.  Third Ian McMillan 38 pts.  Week three, winner Stephen Powell 41 pts.  Second Aideen Considine 39 pts.  Third Steve Hodget 37 pts.  Our monthly medals were won by Tony Edwards on 67 and Kevin McBride on 69.

Our results on the day were as follows: The NTP, s, Hole 3, Holly Eileen ? Thomson.  Hole 5, Eddie Wall.  Hole 7 Kjell Mundheim.  Hole 10, Bev Ellender.  Hole 15, Aideen Considine.  Hole 18, Denis McCormack.  In our three categories we had, Cat. 3, winner Nigel Brandish 39, second Kjell Mundheim 37, third Nuala McEnery 37.  Cat. 2, winner William Thomson 39, second Terry Lewis 38, third Noel Murray 38.

Cat. 1, winner John O’Brien 36, second Denis McCormack 35, third Camillus Fitzpatrick 35.  Second place overall went to Aideen Considine on 40 points and the overall winner Trevor Austin on a fine 40 points, well done Trevor on this fantastic victory, straight from his hospital bed.  Congratulations to all those who participated on the day all those who waited around for the presentation of prizes.

On behalf of The Celts Club de Golf I would like to wish all our members and guests a very Happy Christmas.

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