It isn’t just non-famous people who love to gamble online. There are so many celebrity gamblers that it shouldn’t surprise people that there are plenty of celebrities who love to gamble online. The Royal Vegas Online Casino and similar online casinos certainly offer lots of gaming opportunities for celebrities and other people regardless of their locations, and that certainly helps with the people who are constantly traveling. Celebrities who are going on tour or shooting a new movie or doing something of that nature aren’t just going to be able to go to Las Vegas if they want to have some fun gambling. They are always going to have online games available to them, however. Famous celebrity gamblers will use all of the opportunities for gambling available to them.

People who have watched Everybody Loves Raymond will remember a lot of references to golf and gambling. Ray Romano really enjoys golf and gambling in real life, so this should not be a surprise to anyone. He was competed in the World Series of Poker specifically. Like a lot of celebrity gamblers, he specifically enjoys poker. Ray Romano is one of the most successful sitcom stars and show runners of all time, so he certainly has a lot of money to spend on gambling of all kinds.

Charlie Sheen is another sitcom icon who loves gambling, which is one of a huge collection of habits and vices for Charlie Sheen. He enjoys poker as well, but he is also a huge fan of sports betting, which is one of the most popular of all of the online gaming activities that people do today. Charlie Sheen is trying to cut back on a lot of things these days, but it remains to be seen whether or not he will do so with gambling.

Jennifer Tilly might be one of the most famous and successful of the celebrity gamblers. In fact, she actually might be one of the few celebrities who could be considered a professional poker player and not just a recreational one. She has managed to succeed well enough with poker that her earnings are close to seven figures. She has done nearly as well as someone who has won a jackpot at the Royal Vegas Online Casino or a similar website. Jennifer Tilly smashes the stereotype that poker and gambling are just for men and male celebrities.

Ben Affleck is another famous Hollywood star who loves gambling. People who have known Ben Affleck will often attest to his love of gambling, and he has plenty of references to gambling in his films. Matt Damon is often associated with Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon is a star who more or less helped to create the online gaming niche of today. His late 1990’s film Rounders helped to popularize modern online gaming for the first time, and it has exploded ever since. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are both going to be celebrities who are mentioned in relation to online gaming for a long time.