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More than 700 Language School Places Eliminated

Sueña Torrevieja argues that the cancellation of 729 language course spots by the PP and VOX government at Torrevieja's Official Language School endangers the educational continuity of many students. Pablo Samper calls for reversal of the decision that eliminates 17 Spanish, one German, and one Valencian group, emphasising the city's diverse population's needs and appealing for local support against these "historic cuts in public education." A protest is planned outside the school.

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Monday is a Local Holiday – San Vicente de Ferrer

Valencia celebrates San Vicente Ferrer on April 8th, 2024, particularly in the regional capital, where his birthplace and a chapel are revered. A Valencian Dominican, Ferrer's preaching trips made him a beloved figure. His festival features traditional events such as mascletá, processions, and "milacres" performances, recognising him as a patron saint and historical figure.

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Ombudsman Agrees with Torrevieja PSOE over Government Transparency Complaint

The Sindic de Greuges, ombudsman of the Valencia community, has issued a resolution that agrees with the PSOE in Torrevieja over the complaint regarding the delay in receiving files from Torrevieja’s PP government team. Bárbara Soler, spokesperson for the PSOE Municipal Socialist Group, announced the RESOLUTION OF CONSIDERATIONS TO THE ADMINISTRATION OF 03/14/2024 through which …

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Children in Small Boats descend on Torrevieja

With 426 registered mini sailors representing more than 20 countries, forming part of the Optimist Excellence Cup, Torrevieja will be the centre of attention for sailing enthusiasts this week, as the Euromarina Optimist Torrevieja 2024 takes place between January 24 and 28, Wednesday to Sunday. The presentation of the regatta was suitably held at the …

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Torrevieja Tourism Plan Announced

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, announced that Torrevieja will once again be presented at the Madrid International Tourism Fair (FITUR), from Wednesday, January 24 to Sunday, January 28, at the Costa Blanca stand and in the Central Tourism Plaza of the Valencian Community. This year, 2024, Torrevieja will focus attention on its natural landscapes …

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