Mojácar Council has put out to tender the supply and installation of sails for the creation of shaded areas in the Cuerva del Lobo, Marina de la Torre and El Palmeral children’s playgrounds.

The total investment will be a maximum of 134,555.63 euros, VAT included, and will complement the three playgrounds that last year the Government Team completely remodelled, expanding and improving these children’s facilities, leaving them like new and now definitively completed with the shading.

In the playground located in Cueva del Lobo the investment amounts to the maximum amount of 24,502 euros, in Marina de la Torre it will be 51,954 and in the El Palmeral one, 34.7447 euros. VAT has to be added to these amounts.

The projected contract is framed in compliance with the responsibilities that Mojácar Council must provide in accordance with the provisions of article 26 of the Regulatory Law on the bases of local regime, which includes, among others, public parks.

The need to cover children’s playgrounds with shading structures represents a priority for Ana García, councillor for Playgrounds, as well as for Mojácar Council.

Investing in childhood, comments Ana García, is investing in the future, guaranteeing that children can interact with greater freedom and autonomy, enjoying games with each other in a suitable environment.

Playgrounds are important spaces for children’s development and recreation. These places not only provide fun and entertainment, they also promote physical activity, outdoor play and social interaction among young people.

Mojácar’s excellent climate makes it possible for the very youngest to enjoy these spaces all year round, however, in the summer, the heat and high temperatures make it difficult and reduce the hours of their use.

Keeping playgrounds in good condition and safe is essential to ensure that they are welcoming and attractive spaces for families and children who use these facilities in Mojácar.   

The conditions for companies interested in bidding for these works can be looked up on the public sector contracting platform, carried out through a simplified procedure.