The Torrevieja council has approved the start of the concession process for the management and operation of a kiosk and the 3 paddle tennis courts in the new La Siesta park.

The annual fee to be paid to the Town Hall by the company that takes over the two facilities has been set at 13,000 euros per year. 68,500 for the five-year concession period. This is just a reference price that bidders will be expected to improve upwards.

These facilities are the only public courts in the municipality while the 7 courts in the Sports City have been closed for more than four years due to their poor condition.

According to a municipal spokesman, of all the sports facilities in the park, the paddle tennis courts are facilities that require management and control, so that there is an orderly and appropriate use of the courts by users, as well as the necessary care and maintenance, but it seems that the Town Council lacks the means to manage this directly.

Hence the need to have “a specific person in charge of this task”, maintaining this public facility in the most appropriate way possible to ensure the long durability of these courts.

Attached to all the sports facilities it was also necessary to provide a catering service, ensuring that any user of the park, in addition to sports facilities, walking and recreation, has a place to sit and drink “in a pleasant outdoor space”.

The park has become a very popular recreational area in recent weeks. In addition to the paddle tennis courts, it has a climbing wall, a playground with swings, a pump track, Bmx and skating -one of the largest in Spain-, agility, football and basketball courts, ten petanque courts, bio-healthy machines, hockey courts and a picnic area.

It is understood that the City Council is not contemplating any other facility management by concession.