• The event was attended by the Councillor for Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism, Nuria Montes

The Digital Coworking Orihuela Chamber of Commerce on the coast officially launched its activities on Monday afternoon at its Orihuela Costa Headquarters at a ceremony attended by  the Councillor for Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism, Nuria Montes.

The institution is located in a two-storey building, next to the N-332 in Cabo Roig, where services and advice will be provided to the many businesses and entrepreneurs who work in the coastal area of Orihuela. This fulfils the objective set by the president of the Orihuela Chamber of Commerce, Mario Martínez Murcia, to bring the institution closer to “the most economically dynamic area of the municipality”.

Martinez, said that “this is a day that will go down in the history of this Chamber and our city”, since “from today, the Chamber of Commerce offers its own space in Orihuela Costa where it will work with small and medium enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs who want to launch their own business ventures.

Martínez said that “the Orihuela Chamber of Commerce has staff who are more than prepared to deal with the new tasks entrusted to us by the public administrations. He also referred to the training opportunities that the group offers to the different sectors that make up the economic and social fabric of Orihuela, which will be developed through various programmes aimed at companies, entrepreneurs and unemployed people, along with actions and initiatives to improve and promote the tourism sector in the area.

The councillor Nuria Montes declared that “digitalisation is an inevitable step towards modernisation and growth in the current competitive environment, and from the Department of Innovation we provide companies with tools to help solve the digital divide in SMEs and turn them into business opportunities”. “These types of projects are essential for business development, while they are also an essential way to improve productivity and business competitiveness”.

The event was also attended by Natalia Vázquez, national director of FEDER Projects at the INCYDE Foundation (Instituto Cameral para la Creación y Desarrollo de la Empresa), who said that “digital coworking offices are essential for business development, as they offer a favourable environment for innovation, progress and collaboration in the field of technology and digitisation.

The Incyde Foundation is committed to promoting the creation of these places and to expanding our network of infrastructures, currently the most extensive in Europe, with 191 centres distributed throughout Spain, made possible thanks to the European ERDF Fund, of which INCYDE is the manager on behalf of the European Union”.

Even the bishop of the Orihuela-Alicante Diocese, José Ignacio Munilla, attended the ceremony where he was in charge of blessing the facilities.

Councillor for the Coast, Manuel Mestre was also on hand, having wushed from the emergency plenary meeting in Orihuela following the approval of the municipal budget.

The Orihuela Costa Digital Coworking is a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund ERDF through the INCYDE Foundation of the Chambers of Commerce, in the framework of the Spanish Multi-regional Operational Programme ERDF 2014-2020. The facilities take the current range of services offered by the Chamber to the companies and users, as well as developing training programmes.

The premises have 323 square metres, in which are distributed the different work spaces for entrepreneurs, companies and SMEs with tables, chairs, lockers and internet connection; a networking room; two training classrooms, a rest area and a fully equipped meeting room with capacity for ten people.

In this way, the Orihuela Costa Digital Coworking of Orihuela Chamber of Commerce offers advisory services for technological development and digital transformation, as well as support for new business models based on the digital economy.