A horse and carriage parade, musical performances by the rocieros choirs Alandra and Arte Payá, the copla singers María Rubí and Cristian Montilla, the Sevillian group Siempre Así; and the flamenco dance schools of Antonio Cuerva, Paqui Samper, Raquel Peña, Laura Girona, Nadia Márquez, Ritmo Brillante. All this plus the Rondalla Viejas Glorias and fashion shows by Pepa Sáez and 5 Flores complete the packed programme of events that the Fiestas Department has prepared for five days at the municipal fairground.

Susi Sánchez, explained that “everyone who comes to the Feria de Sevillanas will be able to enjoy the Sevillian tapa every day, watch the Salves Rocieras which will be played at midnight, attend the musical performances by copla singers, Sevillian groups, dance schools, flamenco fashion shows, and take part in the pilgrimage and offering of flowers to the Virgen del Pilar at the main church, which we have organised for Sunday 5 May”.

The opening will be on Wednesday 1 May at 11:30 am and in the evening the five prizes will be awarded to the best “casetas de sevillanas”.

The involvement of children has also been taken into account, who will be able to take part in free children’s activities and workshops with supervisors during the five days of the fair.

The programme of events in English is below: