Los Montesinos has announced the launch of its innovative health program, “Healthy Steps” , designed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle in the community, especially amongst older people.

This free program, which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday, will offer easy and accessible routes for all people who can move independently, thus contributing to the physical and mental well-being of all residents.

The departures are scheduled to start at 10 a.m. from the Plaza Sagrado Corazón de Los Montesinos. The routes, carefully selected, will allow participants to enjoy the natural beauty of the environment while carrying out physical activity in a comfortable and safe manner, supervised by the students of the IX workshop of La Marquesa employment, specialty Social and Health Care for Dependent Persons and Social Institutions.

Sports Councilor Ana Belén Juárez expressed her enthusiasm for this project, stating: “We are excited to launch the ‘Healthy Steps’ program, which will give the entire neighbourhood the opportunity to take care of their health while enjoying the company of other people, the environment, and the outdoors. “We want to promote the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle and make exercise accessible to everyone, regardless of age.”

For more information and to register in the program, it is recommended that you visit the town hall.