A Red Cross Maritime Rescue vessel rescued a man at sea who was showing symptoms of hypothermia. He was enjoying the afternoon on his jet ski, which unfortunately broke down near Cape Cervera, off the coast of Torrevieja. He found himself in difficulty after he jumped into the water to try to swim to land.

The rescue took place at around 4 p.m. on Sunday. The Red Cross Maritime Rescue vessel based in Torrevieja – LS Julieta – rescued the man who was without a mobile phone or any form of communication. Out of desperation he decided to jump into the water to see if he could swim to the shore, according to Red Cross sources.

A person who was walking around Cabo Cervera saw him from the shoreline and raised the alarm. The witness pointed out that he saw him about 2km from the beach and he seemed to be struggling in the water.

When the Red Cross was able to reach him, more than two kilometres from the coast, he was suffering from hypothermia. The physically fit 38-year-old man had been swimming in the sea for between 20 and 30 minutes. At this time of year the sea water temperature is between 12 and 13 degrees in this area.

The Red Cross crew took him to the port of Guardamar, considering it more accessible due to the state of the sea.

Although a SASEMAR (Maritime Rescue Service) helicopter  went out to support the Red Cross, in the end it was not necessary.

The Red Cross reminds members of the public that when you go sailing, as a basic safety measure you must have some communication system on board. It is also advisable, take warm clothing, water and inform friends or family in advance where your activity is going to be carried out and the time that you will be sailing. It is also essential to check the boat before leaving and wear a life jacket.