The Ministry of Health, Marciano Gómez, has given in to the pressure of the 700 staff in the Torrevieja health department in response to the announcement of new demonstrations. He has confirmed that on 20 March he will visit the Torrevieja Hospital to sign the working conditions agreement that levels up the working conditions of the staff inherited from the private management company Ribera in November 2021 with the statutory staff and thus fulfill the commitment that he made three months ago.

The works council had already set a rally for 12 March to demand that the minister fulfill his commitment, announced on 5 December, to sign the agreement – valid only for 2023 and 2024 -, which avoided the demonstrations planned for last Christmas 2023 and the strike last January.

The agreement equates the remuneration of many personnel as well as establishing that compensation for sick leave be charged at 100% from the first day.