Pablo Samper, spokesperson for Sueña Torrevieja, has warned that there has now been a fourth delay in the processing of the file for the renovations of the Levante dock in Torrevieja, stating that “after a lost full legislature, the Government team has approved a new tender for the works of the Levante breakwater, losing another month”.

The chronology of events is as follows:

July 14, 2022 – almost 19 months ago, on the occasion of the visit of the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Works, to the works of the Customs building and the fish market, the mayor stated that “the municipal works of the Levante dock were scheduled to begin in October 2022”.

He said that “in all probability we will start works at the Municipal level sooner on the Levante dock than on the external redevelopment; In fact, it’s the first thing we have to have finished because it has to be perfectly connected to the building.”

February 17, 2023 – almost a year ago, the mayor publicly stated that, “with the Framework Agreement, in 20 days we will have a successful bidder and that throughout this summer work will begin on the entire Levante dock”.

September 14, 2023 – almost 5 months ago, on the occasion of the visit of the general director of Puertos de la G.V, the mayor again promised the imminent works on the Levante dock, stating that “in a month or month and a half we will have an award through the Framework Agreement”, however more than 5 months have passed, and not only does Samper assure that “the works have not been awarded, but that the deadline for submitting bids did not end until February 1, 2024, after being delayed for more than a month due to new errors in the procedure”.

November 17, 2023 – the Governing Board approved the contracting dossier.

December 22, 2023 – the Governing Board approved a new tender changing the title of the works manager to those proposed by the company, losing more than a month in the procedure, whose deadline for submitting bids has ended on February 1, 2024.

Samper concludes by stating that “as if that were not enough, this work will be financed with 4,336,727 euro from a possible loan and 4,361,561 euro with an also possible sale of heritage, a very complicated mixed financing for a work that is connected to the private work of the port”.