The renovation, which will incorporate self-cleaning toilets in the most important stops, will be paid for by the company that is awarded the new urban transport service that is scheduled to come into operation at the end of this year.

The Torrevieja Council has put out to tender the drafting of the renovation project for all urban bus stops in the municipal area for 166,000 euros. In the urban mobility plan, 202 bus stops are identified for the routes that the municipal service now covers.

The Council plans to have the new bus service awarded by the end of this year, according to the deadline provided at a press conference by Mayor Eduardo Dolón in November 2023.

The secretary of the government board, Federico Alarcón, said on Friday that the contract for the new design will be borne by the municipal budget, while its execution, with the new stops on the ground, will be the responsibility of the company awarded the urban transport contract with the cost incorporated into the annual fee paid to the company – now estimated at 9 million annually.

Most of the current stops are only indicated with a single bust stop sign and lack any maintenance after the contract expired in 2015, under which a company kept them in exchange for incorporating advertising.

And those that have shelters lack maintenance. The new service foresees that the most important bus stops will also incorporate self-cleaning toilets, according to Alarcón.

At the same government meeting at which the tender was announced, a new monthly invoice was approved in favour of Avanza for a value of 262,000 euros. The company has been providing the service without a contractual relationship with the municipality since 2013.