Last Sunday, nearly 100,000 square meters of pathways were cleaned of plastic containers and other types of rubbish by volunteers.

This environmental event, organized by the Environment Department of the Rojales, was aimed at raising environmental awareness around the river as well as clearing away the surrounding refuse an saw about 80 people taking part.

The waste removal took place in the Segura Riverbed, roads, paths and adjacent bushes along more than 3,500 linear meters, from the fairgrounds to the Segura River bridge. During the activity, supermarket trollies, bicycles, clothing and hundreds of plastic containers were collected.

The Councilor for the Environment, Tatiana de Gea, expressed her satisfaction with the large number of participants, as well as with the amount of waste removed from the Segura River bed and because it was also an awareness-raising initiative, “It was an important event that raised local awareness to the  great problem and negative effect that is generated by plastics, mainly in the natural environment.”

The councillor confirmed that this type of activity to improve the environment will continue in other parts of the municipality, “we are already receiving proposals from members of the public to repeat this initiative in other places in the town. We will look at them all, and we will continue with these types of actions trying to involve citizens even more.”

Before starting the collection exercise, volunteers received materials to carry out the activity including gloves, backpacks, caps, pickers and water. Once the event was over, a lunch was organized with sandwiches and fruit.