Orihuela PSOE has denounced the appearance of graffiti on the door of its office in the city. Its general secretary and spokesperson, Carolina Gracia, feels that “it is too much of a coincidence that one day the party publicly denounced a councillor from the far-right Vox party for not processing the subsidy for the Miguel Hernández Foundation, and on the very next day the Party Offices were attacked with graffiti.”

She added, “Today it is our turn to say loud and clear to the perpetrators that they are not going to intimidate us. Nor will we stop denouncing each and every one of the inefficiencies that our city is experiencing since the extreme right began to manage an area as important as Culture in the Government.”

The last attack on a PSOE office in the province was in the municipality of Monforte del Cid, which was covered with graffiti after rejecting the amnesty for pro-independence politicians.

The PSPV, at the provincial level, has denounced what they describe as “this new attack by intolerant people who sow hatred.”