Orihuela Councilor for Health, Irene Celdrán, has announced the installation of a series of information posters “showing the locations in which feline colonies are being fed by authorised personnel”.

Signs have been erected in areas of Aguamarina, Seminario, Espeñetas, Plaza de Santiago and Montepinar, while in the coming days more will be installed in other locations.

The councillor said that “only people who have a feeder card, issued by the council, are authorised to feed the feline colonies, as that is the only way for them to be controlled.”

In the case of Aguamarina, the councillor says that she will not displace the colony of feral cats that is living in the protected microreserve, next to the sea. She also spoke of a council sterilisation program, which will help reduce the number of cats.

Currently, the Department of Health has issued 30 feeder cards, which are non-transferable and associated with a specific neighbourhood. In addition, there will be three training courses given at ASOKA.

She added that anyone caught feeding the colonies of cats, who is not authorised to do so, may be fined by the Local Police.