The National Police have arrested the boss of a well-known Neapolitan mafia clan, Nicola Rullo, at the luxury hotel “El Plantío Golf Resort” in Alicante.

Wanted in Italy for his membership of a criminal organization, Rullo was a prominent member of the camorra, a secret society of criminals.  His location was notified to the National Police thanks to the direct exchange of information and the coordination of investigations through the Italian liaison officer in Spain.

Italian authorities consider Rullo to be one of the key members of the Secondigliano Alliance and directly responsible for clashes that have taken place with the Mazzarella clan in seeking criminal control of Naples.

The detainee, 53 years old, had been the subject of a search by the Italian authorities since September, after his sentence to four years and two months in prison for the crime of belonging to a mafia-type association.

Rullo had been staying at El Plantio Golf hotel in Alicante for at least 20 days and was looking forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve there, according to Italian media reports.