A man has been arrested this Wednesday evening in San Javier’s Dos Mares Shopping Centre after he stabbed a National Police Officer at a filling station in Alquerias. He fled the scene in a Ford Focus that had been stolen earlier in the day in the district of Beniaján (Murcia).

The arrest finally took place at around 6:15 p.m. in Dos Mares after numerous police units, including many from neighbouring forces, had been mobilised to hunt down the aggressor.

The stabbing occurred when the agent, who was in plain clothes along with another police officer, was attempting to arrest of a man who was being monitored for a case of gender violence. It is thought that the suspect is also be related to a robbery that occurred last Thursday night in the district of Puente Tocinos.

The suspect was traveling with three other people in a car and had stopped to refuel at a filling station in the Murcia district of Alquerías. The driver got out of the car to pay at the cash register, while the young man who was being searched remained in the passenger seat.

The police officer approached the car to make an arrest but as he opened the driver’s door, the young man suddenly got out of the vehicle. The officer tried to take out his service weapon, but he was unable to do so as the aggressor lunged at the agent and stabbed him.

The sequence was recorded by a security camera at the service station and in the images you can see how he flees from the scene on foot, jumping a fence, while the policeman manages to get up from the ground and point his gun, along with his partner. Subsequently, the young man fled in the car towards Cartagena.

The emergency health services attended the scene where they treated the agent, reporting that there is no fear for his life.

The alleged aggressor

Numerous units of the National Police and local police from several municipalities began a search for the suspect. They had the details and license plate of the car, and after it was spotted a patrol gave chase along the Mediterranean highway towards Cartagena.

Initially, the police lost trail of the aggressor in the Cartagena district of Pozo Estrecho, although the vehicle was located again between Torre Pacheco and Los Alcázares. Finally, and after surrounding the suspect, he was arrested in the Dos Mares shopping centre.

The suspect is a resident of the district of Los Ramos, is said to have a long criminal record and be the subject of eight current arrest warrants.