Esther Peláez and Ángel Castaño are the Commissioners and Ideologists of Superheroes, New Looks that is showcasing until November 26, in the Elda Footwear Museum.

“Superheroes New Looks places us at the contemporary avant-garde of Textile Art, and opens a new trend: Textile collage integrated with painting on canvas,” said Àngel.

“It is a figurative and conceptual exhibition, where the 17 artists that make it up reinterpret superheroes, according to their imprint and leaving their comfort zone.  “The artists thus show a different narrative than the one we had about superheroes, until now.

“They humanise them in an intimate and colourful way, while offering the viewer, among other concepts, the discourse of current social and environmental problems,” said Àngel.

“The spectators, through their reflection, are the architects of Nuevas Miradas.  The works are just elements for reflection. “Superheroes, Nuevas Miradas masterfully shows each of the works that comprise it, created under the same common aesthetic, wrapped in the halo of textiles,” added Àngel.

Esther Peláez and Ángel Castaño: Commissioners and Ideologists of Superheroes, New Looks.