The ADAPT Theatre Group set out on its long and winding journey back in 2009 and one of the few surviving members from the outset is scriptwriter and director Jane Cronin.

Jane developed an interest in amateur dramatics while working with children as an English teacher.  She realised that learning lines and performing on stage was a great way for her students to learn the language while having fun and it also went down very well with the children’s parents.  As part of these shows performed over many years Jane and her fellow teachers always added a comic sketch which used to go down a storm with students and parents alike.

Over the years Jane combined language teaching and theatre work so that forming the ADAPT Theatre group was a natural extension. From the beginning her vision for the group was as a way of reaching out to the Spanish community as well as a method of Spanish language learning for the participants. The group has been a source of great fun and entertainment over the years as many people have tried their hand at acting and backstage support.  “It’s really great working with adults, who have such different challenges from children. Many of the group had no previous theatrical experience at all and have taken it on as a hobby in their retirement and it’s great to watch their theatrical skills develop year on year.”

In the early days Jane took on principle roles such as the Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and Snow White’s wicked witch, but as she was able to make time for a full directing role she reduced her stage performances to cameos parts which could be rehearsed separately.  Alongside producer Eric Berg, she has been Queen mother to Cinderella’s prince, a 100-year-old TV presenter in Sleeping Beauty, a galley cook in Peter Pan and Liesl from the Sound of Music who somehow got herself caught up into the Pinocchio story.

As well as the yearly panto, Jane has also performed stand-up comedy in both English and Spanish and won a national competition for her stand-up “Mi árbol ginecológico” (My gynaecological tree),  However her  favourite pastime is still treading the boards with the ADAPT Theatre group, writing, directing and coordinating all the great ideas that the group comes up with every year.

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