Work is underway to replace the old artificial grass carpet covering the municipal sports centre’s football field, through a subsidy provided by the Alicante Provincial Council that assumes the full cost of 128,124.48 euros of the work that will last three months.

The project managers joined the Mayor and the Provincial Deputy Marina Sáez at the announcement who said that the deputation “they will continue investing in towns and in sport.”

Iván Gracia del Baño, who is the president of the local football club, CD Horadada, was also present at the signing of the works document and was “hopeful to see the improvement in municipal infrastructure” stating that these measures “motivate the players and create greater passion for the sport.”

The Councillor for Sports, José Antonio Martínez, explained that the new surface “will have the best features on the market, optimising its useful life it will prevent many injuries that may have been caused on the previous playing surface.” He said that the grass “has FIFA approval.”

In addition, it was further reported that another 40,000 euros will be invested to carry out the necessary works that will improve the soil irrigation system and area around the perimeter.