A poignant incident at a busy restaurant prompted La Siesta resident Michael Walsh to create a social group offering shared lunches and get-togethers for the unattached.

“Whilst dining in Quesada I spotted a neatly dressed gentleman sitting wistfully on his own. Pausing to say hello, I learnt that his wife had passed away a year earlier after contracting cancer; he had no family to speak of.”

As a consequence of covid and cancer, other ailments and age, it is presumed that many people lack companionship. What to do?

Michael says: “I would like FAB – an acronym for Free as Birds – to arrange informal lunches or dinners; an opportunity for the unattached to meet up, form new friendships; lift the spirits and give purpose to life.”

‘A stranger’s just a friend you’ve yet to meet’, FAB focuses on towns and urbanisations like Los Montesinos, Quesada, and La Siesta – anywhere within 10 km of Torrevieja. Michael can be contacted at 662 067 490 or by email at keyboardcosmetics@gmail.com

Mícheál Walsh


Telephone 0034 662 067 490 /  0034 603 353 195 /