• Miley Martínez and Anastasia Salkova are the new champions of Spain in the infantil y alevín categories respectively, while Valeria Zubcoff finished as runner up in the alevin category.

The Spanish Open Championship held in Valencia last week, reaped magnificent results for the Torrevieja’s Jennifer Colino Rhythmic Gymnastics Club with the gymnasts achieving a total of seven medals: five golds, two silvers and three bronzes in this championship.

The young gymnast, Anastasia Salkova, performed her hoop, rope and free hands exercises brilliantly to win the gold medal in the open alevin category, while her clubmate, Valería Zubcoff making her debut at this individual level, took the silver medal.

In addition, Valeria finished a very creditable fifth in the hoop final and sixth in the rope final. The two young gymnasts were crowned Champions of Spain by autonomies

Meanwhile, following another outstanding performance, Miley Martínez won the gold medal and was proclaimed Champion of Spain in the infantil category. In addition, after some spectacular exercises, she won the gold medal in the hoop final and in the club final while she took the bronze medal in the ball final. In the same category, Mariya Pavlenko finished in fifth position. Once again, they were declared Champions of Spain by autonomies.

In the Primera Category, Lucía Leshan Cañas won the gold medal in the mace final and the bronze medal in the ball and hoop finals. The gymnast achieved the fifth position in the open general category.

In the Junior Category, Valería García, finished as National runner-up with the ball apparatus and the 7th position overall in the junior category. In addition, she finished as the Champion of Spain by autonomies.