The PP candidate for Mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, met with the representatives of the “Torrevieja Diversa” association of Torrevieja, with which he committed, among other things, to work and implement the Comprehensive LGTBIQ+ Diversity Plan; create spaces for information, advice and support for LGTBIQ+ people and their families, as well as a Specialised Unit to help victims of hate crimes; establish and promote the information and advice points on sexual health that the municipality has, and work together to obtain support from the Torrevieja Health Department in the health services that the group demands.

Finally, the signature of this electoral contract with “Torrevieja Diversa” also includes the commitment of Eduardo Dolón to celebrate LGTBIQ+ Pride week and the International Day against LGTBIphobia in an institutional way, as well as other important dates for the collective.