The Partido Popular has stated that there are at least two letters from the Department of Education appealing to the Orihuela Council that it provides a plot of land on which the Department can erect the portable classrooms so that they can be opened in time the school year 2023-2024.

They state that the letters sent by the Ministry insist that it is “essential that the council’s own services immediately carry out the conditioning work on the plot so that the assembly can be carried out on a date compatible with the beginning of the course”, according to Almudena Baldó.

Although the Consellería has already awarded the contract for the assembly of the prefabricated school, the land must first of all be properly prepared for the provision of the necessary services. That work must be carried out by the Orihuela city council.

Councillor Baldó said, “The PP have very serious doubts that these actions can be carried out in the time and manner demanded by the regional administration, given that both Carolina Gracia and José Aix have been occupied with their electoral campaigns and completely unconcerned with the daily management of the municipality.”

She said that the proof of this is that to date nothing is known about the works that the city council must carry out and we even note with concern how the Councillor for Municipal Planning, Jose Aix has not been able to provide answers when asked about the new school.

The Partido Popular, familiar with the modus operandi of both Gracia and Aix, consider it more than likely that they will not be able to arrange a works contract for the adaptation of the plot, so when the month of September arrives the Ministry will be forced to divert new students to other centres in surrounding towns’ as they will not be able be attended the Orihuela Costa centres due to their overcrowding.