The official figures showing the numbers of eligible voters in Orihuela Costa have now been published by the National Statistics Institute (INI).


The total number of eligible voters in Orihuela Costa is 7,000, down from a total of 7,550 in 2019.

As expected, the main reason for this fall in the number of eligible voters is the drop of some 30% in the number of non-Spanish eligible voters, no doubt principally British, as a result of Brexit and the need for previously eligible British voters to renew their voter registration.

The number of Spanish eligible voters in Orihuela Costa has increased by nearly 500 compared to 2019.

The 30% drop in the number of non-Spanish eligible voters in Orihuela Costa will have major consequences for any party whose electoral message is directed mainly to non-Spanish voters, which is the case for PIOC, whose social media activities are mainly in English and their candidate list is comprised of nearly 80% apparently non-Spanish candidates.

PIOC still claim that they will elect two councillors this time and a majority of the 25 strong town council in the 2027 municipal election.

C.L.A.R.O has consistently argued that this is electorally impossible. Historically less than one third of non-Spanish registered voters actually vote.

If a third of 2700 non-Spanish voters vote (900) and half vote for PIOC (some 450) which is almost inconceivable, PIOC would still need to pick up some 800 Spanish votes to elect one councillor. Do they still believe in miracles?

The other interesting statistical news is the publication of an analysis of party positions of interest to Orihuela Costa carried out by the most important neighbourhood association in Orihuela Costa, Vecinos de Cabo Roig and Lomas.

The clear leader in these comparisons of interest to Orihuela Costa is the Popular Party, supported by C.L.A.R.O.

With 65 points of coincidence with AVCRL’s programme for the coast, twice as many points as the next party PSOE and in the table of comparisons of positions of most importance to AVCRL’S programme, the PP supported by C.L.A.RO scores 10 OUT OF 10.

PSOE and C’s Ciudadanos, the outgoing coalition who have done nothing for the coast, together with PIOC, appear at the bottom of this table.


These pointers, plus the fact that they have a Councillor for the Coast candidate and a strong supporting team, all from the coast, would clearly indicate that the Popular Party supported by C.L.A.R.O is where the useful vote should go on 28 May.