Torrevieja Councillor, Rodolfo Carmona, has urged the council to urgently repair many areas of the city, due to poor state of maintenance and conservation, following a neighbourhood complaint – and the fall of a member of the public.

“There are many dangers to citizens, and where they occur there are numerous falls that sometimes cause considerable physical damage,” said Carmona.

“As a Municipal Corporation we cannot be satisfied with the work done so far, neither can we stop or lower our standards,” he said.

“There are a multitude of tasks that remain to be done, in terms of accessibility and repair of dangerous points, which in our city there are quite a few.

“I have been quite hesitant to publish the image a recent fall, but guaranteeing the privacy of those affected, I think that a picture here is worth a thousand words,” said Carmona.

“We must rise to the challenge of improving Torrevieja, of making our city a better place to live – that implies that we do whatever is necessary to take maximum care of everyone’s safety.

“Fortunately, in this specific case, the damage suffered by the person who fell to the ground was only a severe scratch on the face in the Plaza del Molino area,” added Carmona.


A member of the public stated, “That’s right, we spent 121,000 euros on an influencer, instead of fixing the streets of the city.

“It is the responsibility of those who vote for parties, that are only interested in partying and trivialities instead of what the people really need.”

A member of the public falls. Photo: Rodolfo Carmona.