The National Police agents have arrested a couple for sexually exploiting more than 120 women in Elche. They had created a business network of modelling and film agencies to attract their victims.

Many of their quarries were sexually assaulted and forced to carry geolocation devices so that they were available at all times. Those arrested are charged with the crimes of continued sexual assault, coercive prostitution and documentary falsification.

The investigation was opened after one of the victims told the agents that she had been sexually exploited for more than five years, and although she was also the victim of sexual assault she failed to report it for fear of reprisals.

The alleged perpetrators were acting within the framework of a business network that included modelling agencies and film production companies, which they used to attract the girls. They posed as representatives promising their victims a successful professional career in the world of fashion or cinema. In order to give greater credibility to the deception they made up a photo album for each woman.

The victims were then subjected to prostitution and made to carry geolocation devices so that they were available at all times. If they refused or were reluctant to provide sexual services, they were subjected to sadomasochistic practices as well as death threats from their pimps.

The agency was run in the towns of Elche and Novelda, where police were able to identify more than 120 victims.

Although the alleged perpetrators are now behind bars, the investigation remains open since it is not ruled out that new victims may appear.