The restaurants ‘Culler de Pau’ by Javier Olleros, ‘La Finca’ by Susi Díaz, ‘Molino de Alcuneza’ by Samuel Moreno, and ‘Finca Alfoliz’ by Xanty Elías have all been awarded with a Sustainable Sun

The new winners have been announced at the restaurant ‘La Finca’ by Susi Díaz in Elche

The regional secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer, took part in the announcement together with the mayor of Elche, Carlos González, and the director of Guía Repsol, María Ritter.

It was made from the La Finca restaurant, by chef Susi Díaz, which also turned out to be one of the four award-winning restaurants, along with the ‘Culler de Pau’ restaurant in O Grove (Pontevedra); ‘Molino de Alcuneza’ in Sigüenza (Guadalajara); and ‘Finca Alfoliz’ in Aljaraque (Huelva).

The representatives of the four award-winning restaurants then participated in a round table, with the Director of Food of Spain, José Miguel Herrero, and María Ritter, moderated by the journalist Mariola Cubells.

El Sol Sostenible #AlimentosdEspaña Repsol Guide values ​​the use of local products and guarantee of origin, the use of food, ecological actions or recycling and reuse, practices that fortunately are becoming normal in the sector.

It also takes into account other issues that go beyond cooking, such as the use of renewable energy, sustainable mobility, responsible energy management or the minimization and compensation of the carbon footprint, among others.

During his speech, Colomer stressed that the Repsol Guide #AlimentosdEspaña Sustainable Suns “are a derivative of the Repsol Suns to cultivate taste, principles, values ​​and sustainability”, in addition to “reinforcing credibility and reputation”. In this sense, he said that “the revolution that awaits us, which will be about beauty, hospitality and empathy, needs a reunion with values ​​that are already present in gastronomy”, in prizes like this one.

The general director of the Food Industry of the Ministry of Agriculture, José Miguel Herrero, added that the Ministry is “deploying initiatives not only in the field of production, but also in gastronomy, so that food for the future is based on a circular economy. The Law Against Food Waste or the sponsorship of the Sustainable Sun #AlimentosdEspaña are two actions with which we want to contribute to the environmental health of the planet and the well-being of its inhabitants”.

Galician chef Javier Olleros from ‘Culler de Pau’ (3 Repsol Guide Suns), Susi Díaz from ‘La finca’ (2 Repsol Guide Suns), Samuel Moreno from ‘Molino de Alcuneza’ (1 Repsol Guide Sun) and Xanty Elías from ‘Finca Alfoliz’ (Recommended by the Repsol Guide) are the new Sustainable Suns #AlimentosdEspaña 2023.