San Luis new garbage containers have been used by dumping of waste on the pavement – within days of being placed in situ.

“I’m angry – after only two days of having the three new bins, someone has dumped a large full bag of rubbish on the pavement.

“Is this going to be the start of things to come? It will attract rats and vermin – and make it difficult to walk on the pavement, in the Chaparral main road,” said Julie Foster.

Despite vociferous concerns, there was a look on the other side of the coin: “Some people, perhaps those more frail than some, have difficulty opening these bins.

“Not everyone feels comfortable standing on one leg, in order to push the bar down,” said one sympathetic voice.

Many said it was ‘disgusting’ and that they knew that the dumping of rubbish would occur.

Following the issue, Jean Paul Mulero said in a statement:

In order to be able to attend to all the claims and suggestions regarding the installation of new garbage containers in the area of ​​La Siesta, San Luis and El Chaparral, please email:

Don’t forget to put your name and contact phone number. We will contact you shortly to inform you. Thank you.

Jean Paul Mulero.