The Pilar de la Horada Council has installed two giant posters on the balcony of the town hall demanding water, with the messages: “the Levante without water is dying” and “in the Levante without water desert and unemployment”.

José María Pérez, Mayor of the municipality, has said that the decision by the national government to restrict and change the water supply to the area has been made “without listening to the population that we have manifested on several occasions, without consensus and without attending to technical criteria”, he has also added that It is “the only basin where the ecological flow has increased” and that the decision is obviously due to “political issues.”

The mayor has affirmed that the institutions “have to be there to defend the future of our land and that of our families” and understands that without the Tajo-Segura transfer “there is only desert and unemployment”, that “hundreds of thousands of jobs” will be lost, damaging the entire socio-economic fabric of the Levant”; concluding that “if we do not continue fighting, the work of our parents will have been for nothing.”