Have you ever felt like you bought something on Amazon without truly understanding what you bought? You may have purchased out of haste, then felt like it was a rushed buying process with little research into your options.

When you buy on Amazon, you see a lot of harmful products and even Amazon product scams that make money from people not doing their research. We have all had that experience of getting your order from Amazon and not thinking we got value for money.

Amazon is the first port of call in the world when someone wants to buy a product online. The total sales for 2021 reached almost $470 billion, showing the incredible amount of volume that people are buying on the site.

The customer base on Amazon is huge, and a lot of disposable income gets spent on the e-commerce platform. With the added boost of Amazon Prime memberships, studies have actually found that 70% of Americans who earn over $150,000 each year have an Amazon Prime membership, showing that there has never been a better time to be savvier when making buying decisions on the website.

A handy tool allows people to buy products at the most optimal time, getting the consumer the best value for money on the item they want without getting rushed into a wrong purchase. It is called the Amazon Product Graph and can change your online shopping forever.

What is an Amazon Product Graph?

The Amazon Product Graph is a simple, straightforward, and concise visual representation that shows how a product performs on Amazon and how it competes with the market competition. Here is an example process of how using the Amazon Product Graph can make your life so much simpler when shopping online:

Say you want to buy a new coffee machine for your home office. You might look at simplistic ratings on Amazon and be done with it; this would be a huge mistake, as there are ways for sellers to get around bad ratings. Looking at the product graph, you get much more honest and detailed information.

By looking at a coffee machine’s product graph, you can begin to break down the sales history, the average price of the item, and other information. You can see how the coffee machine has sold throughout the whole time it has been on Amazon, seeing whether it is worth money and has created a sense of validity based on long-term product-market fit – a handy feature on the product graph is the way you can compare the price, features, and performance of all different coffee machines too.

Using the Amazon Product Graph for a purchase like the coffee machine gives you more insight into the long-term performance of the item. By finding this information, you can see how popular the thing is and how well it has done for customers over time; all this information compiles to make an informed purchasing decision rather than a hasty moment of online shopping.

Product tracker

How to Find and Use the Amazon Product Graph?

Here is the easiest way to get access to the Amazon Product Graph and begin getting more information and background on what you are buying:

  1. Go over to Amazon.com and have in mind which kind of item or product you want to buy.
  2. Use the search function and put in the product you want.
  3. Click on the product page of one variation that you want to buy.
  4. Scroll down and find the “Product Details” section on the page.
  5. Find a link to the product graph, and then get access to all the details and information.

By following these steps, you can access incredible depths of information for your purchase decision, learning about how the product has performed, the pricing structure and history over time, and how customers have reviewed the product.

A savvy online shopper will use the Amazon Product Graph to track products and see when prices drop. There is tremendous value in jumping onto a product when it is low, whether it is to buy for yourself and get the item at a cut price or even be entrepreneurial and buy in bulk during a dip to resell when it spikes up.

Why Should You Use the Amazon Product Graph?

The Amazon Product Graph is one of the lesser-known tools that can help online shoppers save considerable money in a highly competitive e-commerce market.

The product graph is an intelligent and systematic approach to getting better prices and value as you shop online. Using the Amazon Product Graph while going through your buying process, you can find better products and prices and track your favorite products and items.

Using this purchase overview, you can make the best possible decision. Using the Amazon Product Graph is vital for every online shopper, regardless of whether you are a first-time product buyer or someone who repeatedly buys it.

The information you gain from the product graph is invaluable, and it can save you so much money over a while. By using the product graph, you make your buying experience on Amazon so much better.