Officers from the National Police arrested 4 people in Torrevieja for allegedly belonging to an organised group who would commit robberies with force in homes around the area.

The detainees, all of Georgian nationality and aged between 30 and 45, are also charged with other offences, including disobedience and attacking law enforcement officers.

The National Police in Cartagena began the investigation after officers became aware of a group of Georgian citizens who had settled in Torrevieja and were believed to be responsible for committing burglaries.

As the investigation continued and the police gathered more intelligence, they were able to identify a target property and managed to catch the gang red-handed, having broken a lock on a property to gain access, and were found in possession of jewellery and money which had been taken from the property.

A subsequent search of their own property revealed more items which had been reported stolen, and so the group were arrested and brought before the courts, although the total number of crimes attributed to them is still pending as the investigation is ongoing.