Los Alcázares Council has announced more investment, to the tune of 3.7 million euro, to continue to invest with the objective of guaranteeing the protection and recovery of the Mar Menor, with the implementation of three priority actions whose objective is to prevent leaks from the sanitation network into the Mar Menor, and also from the groundwater level to the sanitation network.

To carry out these actions, the Los Alcázares has an investment of 3.75 million euro, which it has obtained from the central government within its priority action plan to protect the Mar Menor.

The investment will go towards the expansion of the accumulation tanks of the Pronorte 1 and Pronorte 2 pumping stations, the renewal of the lifting pumps of these stations, the expansion and replacement of the material of the pipes that carry the water to Lo Vallejo, and also the casing of more than 1,300 linear metres of sewerage.

“Currently our Wastewater Pumping Stations have the capacity to move 300 cubic metres per hour to the treatment plant and after these actions they would increase that capacity by 680 more cubic metres per hour. This would make it easier to avoid wastewater spills into the Mar Menor”, ​​​​explains the mayor of Los Alcázares, Mario Pérez Cervera.

The actions have an execution period of three years, but from the consistory they assure that they intend to finish them before the end of 2023.

“With these 3.7 million euro and the 3 million that have already been put into operation in Los Alcázares, the total investment amounts to 6.7 million euro to improve the sanitation network in our town, the expansion of the rainwater network and replacement of the drinking water network. They are investments that began to be executed in 2022 and that we hope to finish in 2023”, concludes the mayor.