There was an ‘opinion’ article written and published by the mayoress of Orihuela, tucked away in the newspaper ‘Informacion’ over the New Year period, in which she claimed that the results achieved by her administration since coming into power last year had been ‘very good’.

The article was headlined, The period of impetus for Orihuela: also for Orihuela Costa? Unfortunately she was unable to cite a single concrete achievement for Orihuela Costa. She was also unable to make any commitment as to the date by which the much needed Municipal Budgets 2023, which resulted in the motion of censure, will be approved, and which will no longer be of any use.

The article was picked up by the local association, AVCRL, in which they listed many of the electoral promises that will not be met during this mandate, which will end in May 2023:

  • Local Waste Plan, providing the coast with the necessary workers and equipment to provide a reasonable service.
  • Pedestrian widening of the bridge over the AP7, in Lomas de Cabo Roig (project drafting in tendering phase).
  • Construction of a Cultural Centre (project drafting in tendering phase)
  • Construction of a Civil Cemetery
  • Construction of a bus station
  • Installation of an Eco park (the municipality only has to designate the plot and the Consorcio de la Vega Baja Sostenible will create it).
  • Drawing up a General Urban Development Plan (PGOU) that regulates sustainable urban growth.
  • Implementation of a new public lighting system with LED technology.
  • Connection of the Orihuela AVE station with Orihuela-Costa by means of a bus service with the necessary frequencies that are linked to the AVE timetable; and transport routes linking Orihuela Costa urbanisations.
  • Unification of the two districts of Orihuela Costa.
  • Full implementation of the 2017 Pluvial Plan and construction of the storm tank in Aguamarina Park.
  • Pavement repairs and accessibility plan to make life easier for people with disabilities.
  • Action plan resulting from the inspection of children’s play areas commissioned by the Department of Infrastructures, renovating parks where necessary.
  • Skate park (to be implemented)
  • Street signage in accordance with the municipal street map, removing old signs.
  • Construction of the second drinking water tank, a new water treatment plant and improvement of the pumping stations (responsibility of the Generalitat Valenciana).
  • Repair of existing deficiencies in the civic centres of Alameda del Mar (and tendering of the cafeteria service) and Ramón de Campoamor, and reopening of the latter, which has been closed for several years because of structural faults.
  • Tarmacking and paving of the many roads and streets that need it, as well as renewal of horizontal and vertical road signs.
  • New contract for the maintenance of parks and gardens, covering 100 per cent of the total that are in desperate need.

Can you tell us Mrs Mayor where the stimulus and forward motion is, that you have claimed has been achieved for the Orihuela Costa.

Editors note: AVCRL is an important voice of Orihuela Costa. It is non-political and fights for improvements to the services and facilities on the coastal area. It is absolutely free to join at the following link: